Hmf Penland Series S/O Honda 419303606071

Backed by the ATV legend Mike Penland, the Penland Pro Series was developed for serious off road racers and trail riders striving to achieve more low-end torque. The removable Torque Range Modifier adds a low-to-mid range punch, allowing quads to hook-up better in rough conditions. The exhaust is made of T6061 aluminum and is air-rivoted shut for complete durability.

The Torque Range Modifier adds more bottom-end torque for rough conditions.

Depending on the model, you can expect a 2-10 dB increase over stock.

The Penland Pro uses a 2 1/8” non-restrictive core for maximum flow.

Backed by GNCC Champion “Mighty” Mike Penland.


The Torque Range Modifier

The Torque Range Modifier (TRM ) is an insert that broadens the available torque range of the machine allowing for better "hook up" in certain conditions. The TRM is not a sound damping device and you should see no difference in speed and power. It cannot be used with a Quiet Core Insert or Spark Arrestor because only one of these can occupy the space in the exhaust at one time.

The Insides

The Penland Pro Series features the same unrestricted core that can be found in the Performance Series. Inserting the Torque Range Modifier broadens the available torque to your machine.

Price: 321.29